Climbing ONE MILLION Feet

Mai 01 — 2020 | Santa Cruz, CA

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Juliana Bicycles Margaux Elliot

Margaux is a Juliana Ambassador and works full time as Apparel Product Manager at Giro.
Follow Marguax’s journey of climbing one million feet here at  We will check in with her regularly, so come back to follow along with her progress. 



  • 197,088 feet in elevation gain
  • 1,132 miles 
  • 214 hours 
  • 98,798 calories burned (I’m really just doing this for the pizza, ice cream and bagels)
  • 54 rides total 



Hello! My name is Margaux Elliott, I’m 30 years old from Santa Cruz, California, and this year I am attempting to climb one million vertical feet on my Juliana Maverick. To put that into perspective, that is the same amount of elevation as climbing from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest 34 times or going to outer space and back 3 times. That’s a lot of climbing!

Before this goal, I raced enduros and struggled to achieve the goals I had set for myself. Disappointed after a particularly tough race last year, I felt like giving up and needed a change. On the drive back from the race, my boyfriend and I started coming up with non-race oriented cycling goals. Mark Weir climbing one million feet in a year came up early in our conversation and the idea totally captivated me. This was the kind of challenge that excited me. After some soul searching and crunching numbers, I felt it was possible for me to achieve this goal and I committed to it (however crazy it maybe).


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I am not a professional or extreme endurance athlete. I work full time as the Apparel Product Manager at Giro and I just love to ride my bike. Right now, I am riding 5 days a week, about 21 to 28 hours which consists of 3 weekday rides 3 to 4 hours each and 2-weekend rides between 6 to 8 hours each. Before the shelter in place order and working from home, I was regularly waking up at 4:45 am to be on my bike riding with lights by 5:30 am. You know those days when you are a bit tired or just don’t really feel like riding? I have those more often than I’d like, but to reach one million feet I have to ignore them and just get my butt out the door. That’s the appeal of this challenge, I have to be super consistent and have a level of commitment that challenges me mentally and physically every day.

The most difficult aspect of this challenge has been letting go of my expectation to ride like I used to…energetic and aggressive on the descents. I got so frustrated on one ride and remember thinking, ”Shouldn’t I be fit by now!?” “Shouldn’t I be used to this!?” I had to realize that I AM getting fit and getting used to it, I’m just more tired some days than others…

The hardest days are always when I feel like I am at my lowest point physically and mentally. At one point I felt like my body was giving up and I couldn’t turn it around. I was in tears after one particularly hard ride, but it was nothing some chocolate milk, a bubble bath and a couple of extra days of rest couldn’t fix.

Surprisingly, the best days and experiences haven’t always been the days where I feel the best physically…though that definitely helps! Even though I was often sleep-deprived, cold and tired, consistently watching the sunrise above the tree line has been the most incredible experience so far. Seeing the light grow and the world wakes up in shades of purple, pink, blue & gold is absolutely magical. 

Juliana Bicycles Ambassador Margaux

Last week I reached a major milestone of a quarter-million feet climbed. Reaching this point gave me a major boost in energy and confidence towards achieving my goal. Before I started this challenge, I felt like I could do it, but now I know I can. I am currently on track to reach one million feet by December, as long as I stay healthy and injury-free (fingers crossed!).  During these crazy times, riding my bike has kept me feeling happy, healthy and connected to nature and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Stay safe and healthy out there!


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