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  • Zephyr Sylvester

    Zephyr Sylvester

    Zephyr Sylvester


    Santa Cruz, California


    Vermont grown, Zephyr migrated westward for college and took a job as a mountain bike guide. The job opened her eyes to the bike industry as she began guiding all around the western United States. Life on the road came to a halt when she took a marine biologist position in the Bay Area. While studying the San Francisco Bay, Zephyr coached for a local NICA team, got a taste for training and racing and began her career as a national-level Enduro racer.

    Eventually Zephyr traded in the ocean for the mountains and moved to Colorado for graduate school where she currently resides and is working toward a PhD in environmental studies. Balancing her studies with her racing career, Zephyr has spent the last few years discovering the amazing riding in the Rockies and beyond. When she’s not outside, Zephyr researches the effects of climate change on Antarctic krill using Earth System Models. Always up for a new challenge or adventure, Zephyr has dabbled in learning to surf and skateboard in the last year.

    Who’s your favorite riding buddy, and why?

    "My fellow Juliana rider, Clare Hamilton - mainly because she’s standing right behind me, but also because she’s rad as heck, corners like a boss, and is down to goof around even when we’re suffering through a tough ride."

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