Juliana Bicycles Riders


Juliana | SRAM Pro Team

A fresh bunch of talent that is coming together for their first season as a team, the Juliana | SRAM Pro Team is one to watch in 2019.

These ladies are grabbing podiums everywhere from local epics to the Enduro World Series and are dedicated to the future of women's mountain bike racing.

Alex Pavon

Flagstaff, AZ
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Brittany Phelan

Whistler, Canada
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Emily Slaco

British Columbia, Canada
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Free Agents

Jaime Hill

Pemberton, BC
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Genevieve Baril

Quebec, Canada
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Tanja Naber

Freiburg, Germany
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Morgane Charre

Entremont, France
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Nina Hoffmann

Thuringia, Germany
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Raphaela Richter

Franconia, Germany
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Leigh Bowe

Spokane, WA
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Laura Battista

Squamish, BC
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Anka Martin

Nelson, New Zealand
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Sarah Leishman

Whistler, BC
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Vanessa Hauswald

Napa, California
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Julia Hobson

My Van, Wherever I am
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Aneela McKenna

Tweed Valley, Scotland
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Minna Riihimaki

Chamonix, France
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