Evolution at Trans-Provence

June 10 — 2015

Anka looks back at her favorite bikes from her favorite race

Usually I only start thinking about the Trans Provence event towards the end of the season, but this year it is much, much earlier—as in just over 10 days away! It will be a bit of a new experience for everyone in terms of what the places, terrain, and villages look like at this time of the year, as well as the climate and how the legs will feel this early on in the season. Either way, this is the highlight of my season every year and I'm well excited. I thought I'd do a little TP preview or tribute to all the bikes I've used during this favorite adventure of mine. All photos courtesy Sven Martin. 

2011 - Santa Cruz Blur TRc - ended up in 2nd place behind Tracy Moseley. 


2012 - Green Santa Cruz Carbon Nomad - another 2nd place, this time to Anne Caroline Chausson. 


2013 - Prototype "roarange" Bruliana - the first Juliana Bronson, before the launch of the Roubion - This bike helped me get my first TP win. I love my bike.

2014 - Evergreen Juliana "Roubion" - named after the village of one of my favorite days of the TP & because I won the race the previous year - pretty special stuff to me. Ended up in 2nd place behind Ines Thoma this year.


2015 - I'll be back on my trusty evergreen Juliana Roubion. Looking forward to share this journey with good pal Tracy Moseley & the Dark Cloud Crew again this year :)

It all kicks off on the 20th of June, so have a wee look at their website and follow our journey through the spectacular mountains in the South of France!

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