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Britt Phelan


What's your day job?
Professional skier. I get to travel the world doing what I love, but pursuing my dreams of being the best skier in the world requires me to be on the road most of the year. I don’t get to see my family and loved ones as much as I'd like.

Favourite riding buddy? 
Kris Mahler, Ned Ireland. They are my ski cross teammates and great friends. They are both as obsessed about biking as I am and amazing skiers and bikers. They help me to get better trying to keep up to them both on skis and bikes. 

When did you start biking?
I started biking at a very young age, but became a lifer around 15 when I made the National Ski team and bought my first ‘good’ mountain bike for off season training. Other then biking, my equal love is skiing. I love both sports as they are so relatable to each other. the way you handle terrain, cornering/turning,jumps.. etc. its all the same on bikes and skis. My life revolves around both sports and I'm eternally grateful for this. 

Balance: When I’m not biking, I’m skiing. This is the greatest balance because I love both sports, and can do one or the other every day of my life. Both bring the greatest happiness. Biking and skiing have connected me to amazing people who share the same passion.

Thee things essential for a trip? 
My friends, my boyfriend, and my Roubion.

Thing that nobody knows?
I'm really lazy when it comes to doing things i don’t enjoy, like stretching and paperwork.

Favourite local trail?
Crazy train. It's my favourite because it has the perfect balance of steeps and tech, slabs and flow, and is a reasonably easy climb up blackcomb mountain to get to. I probably ride it 3 times a week. Hey Bud is comparable, it's right beside, and is a better option if conditions are pretty slick!


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