Juliana Bicycles

A Bike for Life

Tested in California & Backed for Life


Every Juliana Bicycle is designed and tested in California, and specially built-to-order for our select network of dealers. Our philosophy is to create a bike capable of running like new – indefinitely, and with as little hassle and expense as possible.

We support that claim by offering a lifetime of back-up and customer support for every frame we make.

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Not only are our frames guaranteed for life, they carry our “No-Fault” replacement warranty too.  This means that in the event of a crash, or any other unfortunate non-warranty situation, we make replacement frame parts available to the original owner at minimal cost.

Lifetime Bearing Replacement Program

We carry replacement bearings for all our models, so that your Juliana can continue to perform like new year after year. It’s pretty similar to how premium watch companies operate, except that we do it for free!

*Available to original registered owner only.  If you already own a Juliana but haven’t yet registered it, please register at julianabicycles.com.

Customer Support

We offer comprehensive technical and customer support to all Juliana owners.

For help and advice on servicing your bike, please check out the tech section at julianabicycles.com.  If that doesn’t solve it, please drop a note to tech@julianabicycles.com.

All other inquiries, please call us at +1 (831) 471-2547 or email us at info@julianabicycles.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Fits

Women want a bike that doesn’t let theory compromise real-world handling.

They want a bike that’s been refined to have the most appropriate reach, height, and overall geometry for the terrain they’re riding.

And that’s what Juliana has offered from the very beginning.

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Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Performs

If a stock shock is tuned to work best for the average dude, it will not perform optimally for the average woman.

So what are we doing about it?

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Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Inspires

Juliana is as much about creating a share of voice for women in mountain biking as it is about creating the products themselves.

No matter how much thought goes into our bicycles, it’s the people who ride them that bring them to life.

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