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    Brooklyn Bell

    Brooklyn Bell


    Bellingham, Washington


    “Keep going until it doesn’t make sense!”

    Learning to mountain bike in her home town of Bellingham, Washington, Brooklyn Bell has come to love the jumps and stunts of her local trails. And she’s also become part of a much larger conversation. Brooklyn Bell’s journey to discover a sense of belonging in mountain biking and skiing has marked her as a leader on the topics of diversity and inclusion in outdoor sports.

    As a freelance artist, her artwork and voice bring a powerful emergence to redefine what it means to be an athlete. She uses her creativity to connect with her community and has an interest in expanding the archetypes we all can identify with in sports. Being in nature serves Brooklyn as an endless resource to inspire her next illustrations.

    What’s next for Brooklyn in 2021? She’s always naturally progressing and having a blast on her local trails, but may also try out the Cascadia Dirt Cups, Downieville Classic, and possibly an EWS race. Backcountry ski touring is another way Brooklyn finds her challenges and thrills.

    What sort of impact do you hope to have on the mountain bike community?

    "I hope to be someone who sets a good example and shows that biking, being a part of the sport or even progression doesn’t have to look a certain way."

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