April Demo Photo Contest Winner!

May 06 — 2015 | Santa Cruz, CA

There were hundreds of photos, lots of bikes, and more smiles than we could count, but we've picked a winner for the first month of the Juliana Demo Photo contest! Her name is Ivy Deason, and she's one rad girl! Since it'd be boring to just ship off a box of prizes and call it done, we asked her to take a winning selfie and answer a few questions. Here she is, basking in her win with confetti falling from the sky. Congrats, Ivy! 

We can't be sure, but that confetti looks homemade. Awesome!


1. What’s your favorite thing about riding bikes?

I love riding bikes because it's fun! It's something you can do in almost any situation. When you feel like being alone you can bike. When you feel like being social you can bike. When you feel like working out you can bike. When you feel like being in nature you can bike. I'm lucky to live in a place that has a lot of trail options and people who are enthusiastic about riding. It's just fun! 


2. What’s your favorite trail and why?

Landahl in Blue Springs, Missouri is my favorite trail system! It's where I first started mountain biking. There are trails with lots of rock, flowy sections, technical offshoots, downhill sections, etc. It's a place I can take friends who have never mountain biked before and also friends who love a challenge. My favorite trail is Rim because it is like an obstacle course. Landahl is also close to where I grew up so it's special to me besides just being a kick-buns trail system! I can't even imagine how fun it'd be to ride a Juliana bike there! 


3. Why did you decide to demo a Juliana bike? What was your experience like?

I demo'd a Juliana Bike because I love them so much! The first Juliana I ever got to ride was actually Elayna Caldwell's Furtado at a Trek Camp. It was a perfect fit and I felt ready for any challenge. It was fast and smooth and I honestly felt unstoppable on it. We don't have any Juliana dealers in KC so I knew I had to go to the demo at Slaughter Pen to try out the other models I've been obsessing over. They did not disappoint! The same freeing, happy feeling comes with any Juliana! I wanted to give every bike there a full body hug! 


4. Complete the phrase…”when in doubt, ________.”

When in doubt, get the donut with sprinkles. 


In case you missed it, Ivy's prize pack includes a pair of SRAM's Guide brakes, Giro gloves and socks, an Evoc toiletry bag, and a Juliana XC kit, tanktop, and hat! 

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