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  • Marguax Elliot

    Marguax Elliot

    Marguax Elliot


    Aptos, California


    One lucky day, Margaux Elliot looked around and realized that her whole life revolved around mountain biking—her partner, work and free time—and she couldn’t be more grateful. “I pursued things in life that I enjoyed and each choice built a foundation for a lifestyle I love.” She finds both challenge and reward as Apparel Product Manager and Developer at Giro, masterminding the greatest new products for cyclists.

    Margaux fell in love with riding the world-class trail networks in the Santa Cruz, California, area where she lives, and racing enduros with her partner. Mountain biking became an all-encompassing favorite activity, social life, and channel for personal development. The Trans NZ, a 6 day enduro race in New Zealand, was Margaux’s favorite because it was the hardest physical feat she’d ever completed, plus she took 2nd place!

    In 2020, Margaux became the first woman to climb 1 million feet on a mountain bike. “Climbing 1 million feet was an incredible journey that pushed my dedication, endurance and mental strength. Even though I was often sleep-deprived, cold and tired, consistently watching the sunrise above the tree line has been the most incredible experience so far. Seeing the light grow and the world wake up in shades of purple, pink, blue & gold is absolutely magical.”

    Who’s your favorite riding buddy and why?

    "Myself…I love riding with other people too, but solo riding is a great escape and gives me time and space to think."

    Juliana Logo
    United Kingdom