Going Places: Squamish Weekender

November 14 — 2016

A Wet Weekend With Jaime Hill


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Grant Robinson

Jaime Hill is a resident of Squamish, BC, and is one busy little bee. She races downhill bikes (including World Cup DH for the last few years), coaches and mentors a group of young riders, seeks out adventures in her own backyard, is studying for her CPA, and holding down a full-time job as an accountant. She’s also one of our favourite people to be around, so when her friend, Annie Gaudette, came to town we tagged along to see what kind of fun and games they made of a wet weekend in Squamish.


Day 0: Friday

Annie arrives and we head straight to the Shady Tree for beers and dinner, hoping not to get too excited because we’ve got a packed weekend ahead. 


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Grant Robinson

Day 1: Saturday

Coffee and breakfast at Cloudburst Café—they have the best breakfast wrap with ratatouille or panini with bacon jam!

  • Up Brackentrail to Jack’s trail to 50 Shades of Green 
  • Down Rupert then up Tracks from Hell to Entrails to Boney Elbows to Hueso  


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Grant Robinson

Lunch at the Locavore: best potato wedges and sandwiches in town and it’s a good hub, so it’s likely you’ll bump into friends and other bikers. 
Grab some “pops” and head to Squamish Gondola/The Chief /Shannon Falls for a hike with a view. 
Dinner at the Howe Sound Brew Pub
Ride Bikes, Eat Tacos, and Dance Party! was a day-long get together that our friends at Pemberton Taco Company put together, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately, Annie and I had a bit too much fun at dinner and got to the party a little late. But that’s OK, there’s a new dance club in town, The Knotty Burl. 


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Grant Robinson

Day 2: Sunday

Coffee and breakfast at Fergies in Squamish Valley. The chum salmon were running up the river beside the cafe when we were there. We watched a bald eagle get chased by a golden eagle as a black bear did some fishing from the riverbank right across from us. It was like being in an episode of Planet Earth! 


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Grant Robinson

Late lunch and beers by the Mamquam river at the Water Shed to watch the bald eagles. 

In the evening, when it’s cold and wet throughout the winter, I’ll try and do something fun like trampolining or indoor climbing so naturally, that’s how Annie and I finished off our weekend.

Other options

Bonus day:

If there was time, I’d also pick a lighter ride day and do an Elfin lakes day trip. Drive up to Elfin lakes parking lot and ride in with a packed lunch. The lake and the views are amazing!! The ride in is pretty easy but there and back is about 2 hours total just ride time. Or we’d go shuttling up Diamond Head and hit some of the bigger, longer trails.


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Grant Robinson

Cool water spots:

Judd beach—tons of sandy spots along the Mamquam river and there’s a pump track in there!
Valley Cliffe – there is a little “water hole” we go to that’s right at the bottom of the Chief. It’s a sweet spot to grab beers and chill after a day of riding.

Wet weather options?

Trampolining, indoor climbing, or go for a hike to watch Shannon Falls rage.

Places to stay:

If you’re not staying with friends and you’re on a budget, there’s the new Squamish Hostel on the river. 
Howe Sound Inn is also great and is pretty central being downtown. 
Executive Suites in Brackendale: a bit more secluded, but if it’s good enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m sure it’s good for any mountain biker. 
Camping at Alice Lake: great spot to camp and obviously easy to ride out to any of the Alice lake trails.


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Grant Robinson

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