Crankworx Whistler: From Racing to Ride Outs

August 17 — 2017

Every year the town of Whistler in British Columbia explodes in size and intensity during Crankworx.

This year was no different. By last Saturday the village was full and bustling with spectators and racers; many of whom had come to race the Enduro World Series stop or catch rides on the surrounding trails that snake off the mountain. Juliana Free Agent team members Britt Phelan, Alex Pavon, Porsha Murdock, Ileana Anderson, and Emily Sabelhaus were joined by team manager Kelli Emmett and Juliana-SRAM teammates Anka Martin and Sarah Leishman—along with ambassador Jamie Hill. It was a packed house!

The one-day EWS race kicked off on Sunday with a course that started high at the summit of Whistler and punched it's way through the trees, across boulders and waist-high roots, and relentless climbs. It was a beast of a course that lasted almost eight hours in total (about an hour of timed downhill and seven hours of liasons). Mechanicals and other unexpected roadblocks struck early in the race for some of the team but others were able to continue through the remaining four stages. In the end Britt would finish 17th and Porsha 21st—strong results for a demanding, relentless day of racing against a strong field of competitors.

Beyond the racing, there were Ride Outs with Anka Martin and Juliana/Lululemon Ride Out early Tuesday morning with much of the pro team and ambassadors in attendance. Demos will be rolling throughout the week at Whistler and with tons of riding in the area, there's lots to ride. Check out photos from the team below and thanks to everyone who came out to support the race or attend the Ride Outs!

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