2018 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico

February 21 — 2018 | Chile

Jaime Hill Goes Racing in Chile

Words from Juliana Bicycles' team rider Jaime Hill after she raced the 2018 Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico enduro-style race through the Chilean Andes.

Overall, the week was better than I expected. Every day was a new challenge, and it was kind of cool to feel some of the affects of the altitudes we climbed and rode to. I’d never experienced that before and it was a good warm up to my upcoming trip to Nepal!

Prepping plate #96.

Big mountains foreshadowed the big descents.

The epitome of loose and fast.

The truck shuttle between stages was an opportunity to grab a little shade.

I thought the dirt was going to be much more slippery than it turned out to be... It was a challenge none-the-less, but I think my decision to opt for flat pedals for much of the Anti-grip was a great one! So fun drifting Corners and getting loose.

Lost in a sea of bags.

I had one really tough day filled with crashes and mechanicals, but was pumped to fight my way back up to third spot over the last two days. The organization of the event was amazing and allowed for lots of socializing but with limited wait times.

One glance at the ground and you get a feel for what antigrip really means.

Gully bombing like this earned Jaime third in the overall after five days.

I was so thankful to have the Santa Cruz Bikes Chile team on hand for tech support and even called upon some fellow riders for some support when some specific parts got trashed in one of my crashes. So much of a community feel - it’s one of the reasons I think I really enjoy the Trans racing/blind racing vibe... it resonates with me on so many levels.

It was hard at times, but I always love a good challenge and it’s cool to be able to find the silver lining in the hardest of times... probably easier knowing that everyone is going through all the same emotions and ups and downs as you are. I can’t wait to do it all again!!!

You can find more coverage and results on the Andes Pacifico site.

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