The Bromont Enduro

September 10 — 2018 | Bromont, Quebec

The First Annual All-Women's Enduro

The Bromont Enduro is a women's only race focused on getting more women stoked on racing bikes and welcoming riders of backgrounds and experience levels. Creating the right environment in a race is important for showing newer racers how fun and rewarding racing can be, along with building a tight community. 

At the start line, you can feel the energy elevate. Riders are going over their bikes and doing last minute checks between high fives, hugs, and well wishes from new and old friends before rolling out to the first stage. 


Juliana Bicycles Image
Myriam Larouche

Alex Pavon introduced her 2019 Roubion to the trails of Bromont. 

The day before the race, the Juliana Free Agents, as well as a few local pros, hosted a pre-race clinic to give general tips on how to strategize and choose lines for some of the more technical stages of the race. Many of the women in attendance had never raced an enduro before. The women in my group were particularly anxious about one of the stages that had a few steep shoots and tight switchbacks. Although many of them rode well in practice, they were worried they would not be able to do so during the race. 

Genevieve Baril hosted a clinic and after-party to celebrate an epic race on her home turf. 

During the race, riders are pushed deep, sweating, and breathing hard. No one is exempt from the tough terrain and dramatic features, but somehow the course still has same the energetic buzz of the starting line deep into the final stages. Riders call out encouragements and nods of recognition as they fight to cross the finish line. 

At the end of the race day, when I checked in with my group, no one seemed too concerned with how they placed. They were more excited to have finished the race and to have cleaned the stage that scared them. This is one of the things I love most about racing, you challenge yourself in ways that you might not otherwise and when you succeed, it is more rewarding than winning the race. 


Juliana Bicycles Image
Myriam Larouche

Juliana Riders filled the Podium with Alex Pavon in 2nd, Porsha Murdock in 3rd, and Genevieve Baril in 4th. 

The massive turnout of the Bromont Enduro in its first year demonstrates how much the women's mountain bike community has grown. I hope to see even more women compete next year, support and empower each other, and to be a part of building a strong women's mountain biking community.

*Written by Ileana Anderson: a celebrated mountain bike racer for the Juliana Free Agents and a certified coach. You can find her hosting clinic through her travels and on her local tuft in Park City, UT*

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