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November 06 — 2019 | Ketchum, Idaho

100 Miles with Rebecca's Private Idaho

Words and Images by: Katie Holden


I decided to do Rebecca’s Private Idaho because I knew that I could ride 100 miles, but I had never tried. I didn’t know how I would feel if I would suffer or if I was prepared. But at the end of the day, I can put one foot in front of the other. That is something I can do. 

We all have those things that deep down we know we can do or think we can do, but we haven’t put ourselves out there to try. Once we do that, we always have them, and they become a tool in our toolbox that we can rely on when we need it. I have had a lot of these moments over the years- some things I knew I could do, some things I surprised myself. Regardless they are vivid, pointed experiences that fuel my confidence and help me to get through difficult situations and experiences. 

The experiences vary widely, but the common thread is being uncomfortable.

The moments and accomplishments are varied, and I would be hard-pressed to call them achievements, rather things that pushed me, made me uncomfortable, and bumped me right up to my personal edge. The experiences vary widely, but the common thread is being uncomfortable. There is the one time I jumped a trophy truck on live TV in Mexico, or the time I did a solo experience in the Costa Rican jungle, or the scary free ride lines I watched the guys do and knew I could too, or the time I stood up and spoke up for something I believed in, in front of people who intimidated me. There is the time I ran a marathon without ever training for it, or the time I managed to link an entire east coast trip by train and bike on the fly, or the time I traveled to Jordan on my own and left with a community of friends and heart in the Middle East. These experiences made me strong. And, now the 100-mile ride is another in my toolbox. 


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Katie Holden

If you haven’t heard of Rebecca Rusch, she is one of the most incredible women we have in the mountain bike community. They call her the Queen of Pain, but she really is a Queen of Tools - she has a lot of them in her arsenal and can pull on them when the going gets tough. Along with racing and setting all sorts of crazy records, being inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame, creating opportunities for women in the industry, starting a camp series, a non-profit called “Be Good”, she also puts on a race called “Rebecca’s Private Idaho”, in her hometown of Ketchum, Idaho. 

Ketchum (a.k.a. Sun Valley) is a stunning, cute little town with pretty big mountains that ‘hug’ it. The cool thing about Ketchum is you can hop on a trail or gravel road and travel hundreds of miles, all from leaving the downtown area - which is precisely why Rebecca started Rebecca’s Private Idaho, which is a 20mi, 50mi, 100mi, or multi-day stage race in beautiful Idaho. The race is more than a race. It feels like a community (albeit very large community) gathering to celebrate bikes, friendships and doing good.


Juliana Bicycles


I share all of this because I encourage you to go out there and build your toolbox up too. And I think Rebecca’s Private Idaho is the perfect place to find a new tool. Challenge yourself. What big bold things do you think you probably can do (or maybe are uncertain) but haven’t tried?

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