Juliana | Enduro World Series Women's Day Out

April 04 — 2017

We’ve just wrapped up our first Juliana Enduro World Series collaboration event here in the beautiful forests of Rotorua, New Zealand.

This was the first of five events that will be held in conjunction with the EWS rounds. Each one will be slightly different due to its location, trails, and what that specific town has to offer. The push with this collaboration is to encourage more women to get together, to ride new trails, and to offer them this platform to just have a rad day out on their bikes and to see what the EWS and that vibe is all about. We will be catering to all the different abilities out there, shuttling some, pedaling others, and of course we will be sampling food & drinks along the way—that goes without saying when you have a group of girls!

For this round in Rotorua, we headed out on a mini-adventure to Rainbow Mountain. I wanted to show the girls something different to the Whakarewarewa forest and I wanted to introduce them to something a bit steeper and a bit more technical, which also incorporated some hike-a-bike action—a first for many of them. The rain didn’t scare the girls away, and in true Kiwi style we just got on with it. After slipping and sliding (and crashing) our way down a rather technical mountain (due to a lot of very slippery clay), we headed straight into the steaming warm Kerosene creek to wash away all the mud and soak our tired legs. A pretty special place to enjoy some lunch and post-ride chatter.

Yoga is another passion of mine and I love introducing women to this, especially women who ride and are active, as it can offer a whole new dimension to their sport and to their lives in general. Hollie Beaumont hosted us in her beautiful studio at The Stand, helping us to contort our bodies into all sorts of shapes and positions. It felt so good and she managed to convert most of the girls to start a regular practice, and incorporate yoga into their active lives. All zenned out, we headed for cake and coffee (and beers) to discuss the yoga class and its benefits.

This morning we all met as a bunch of strangers, but at the end of the day we left as mates. Pretty cool, that. Bicycles are pretty rad. These events are all free of charge—which makes them even better. What?! How freaking cool is that? Check out the www.enduroworldseries.com website for more details about these women’s events and to sign up. Cheers to all the ladies for your enthusiasm and stoke! 

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