Juliana Bicycles

Kelli Emmett


Bike Size: Medium

Bike Setup Highlights: 

I’m riding a new Reverb from Rockshox that I love! It has 6 inches of travel, which gives me plenty of room to get back on steep descents. Braking power helps my confidence a ton, so I take the extra weight and use 200 mm rotors in the front and rear. My Pike fork is set up soft at 45 psi with 2 tokens.

From the Blog:

"Don’t be intimidated. Take advantage of riding with the local pros in your community. Every time I hit the trails with female companions who are better riders than me, my riding progresses. I'm inspired to hit jumps and ride technical sections that I never thought were possible. Watching other women shred gives me the confidence that I can do the same."

Excerpt, 10 Things I Wish I'd Known


When it comes to racing and training, it’s fair to say Kelli knows a thing or two, and thankfully she’s not afraid to share it! Her blog pieces on strength and interval training are favorites around the office and around the internet. In fact, Kelli pushes a little too hard sometimes and found herself nursing a triple-fractured collarbone after a training ride last September! 



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