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Mical Dyck


Mical Dyck has stacked up championships in Canadian National Cyclocross, she was the top North American finisher in the 2017 Cyclocross Worlds, and among—more than a few—other accomplishments on dirt, in 2018 she took home her fifth win of the NIMBY Fifty in Pemberton.

Where do you call home?

Cumberland, BC, Canada

What’s your day job? What’s your favorite part of your day job? What’s your least favorite part of your day job?

I am a geologist working with an environmental firm. I love getting to be outside for work, but I don't love having to be away from home for long periods of time for some projects.

Who’s your favorite riding buddy and why?

My boyfriend, Regan, because he pushes me to try new lines that he knows I can handle and he's always up for a big dumb ride. And Emilly Johnson, 16 year old killer xc racer, because she pushes me to keep up with her now and I love watching her progress.

When did you start mountain biking? Why did you start? What made you a lifer (was it a moment, a ride, a trip, etc.?)?

I started mountain biking when I came home from college, I was kind of fed up with team sports having played high level soccer and volleyball for a major part of my life. I had zero intention of racing ever, I just really liked being outside and in the forest. My first race was Alberta Provincials in Hinton and it snowed....I was so unprepared in shorts, fingerless gloves, short sleeve shirt. I was the only female beginner and I seriously froze. But I loved the people and the atmosphere and I was completely hooked on the sport from there.

What’s the thing you love second to cycling and why?

This is a tough one because cycling has definitely dominated my life for a large portion of my life, but I recently fallen back in love with skiing (Nordic and alpine). Pretty much anything that lets me spend time outside. I'm really enjoying my garden right now too....not much beats fresh peas off the vine :)

Do you feel that you have a good balance in your life? If yes, how do you achieve that? If no, what's off balance and why?

I do now, but I definitely didn't always. For a long time I put a lot of my self worth into how good I was at sports, and it's great when you're doing good but it shatters your world when it things start getting tough. I've taken a step back from racing and just doing events that I really am excited about. I've found it really important to keep a variety in my life too, taking some time right off the bike to go skiing, climbing, camping or doing nothing.

What’s your favorite ride snack?

Homemade bars for sure, but I also love jujubes and nuts.

If you left for a big mountain bike trip tomorrow, what’s the top 3 things you couldn’t live without?

Chamois cream and chamois, I seriously don't know how people ride without these!! Jujubes and nuts and anything else I can eat (cause I have been slacking on making bars). My Joplin of course, it's my xc race bike but it's so capable on everything that if it's my go to bike for a lot of bike adventures.

What's one thing that no one knows about you?

I don't like bananas.....actually I think everyone knows that about me :)

What’s your favorite local trail and why?

Furtherburger and Dustwich. Completely different trails, one is rooty and loamy, the other is rocky and powdery, both are fast and techy and they make you work, but when you are having a good ride and you're hitting everything just right, they are just so fun!

Is there another trail/area that you could compare it to?

Dustwich is like a mellower Overnight Sensation (Pemberton) and Furtherburger is kind of it's own beast :)

What’s one other thing in your life that is as good as this trail?

The swim and beer at the end of the ride.


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