Nina Hoffman Rider Hero

Nina Hoffmann


Can you give us a brief intro about yourself?

I’m Nina, 22 years old, from Germany. I love to ride bikes and even more, I love to race bikes! I have a philosophy for my life: "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!"

Where do you call home?

Thuringia, a state in the middle of Germany.


What’s your day job? What’s your favorite part of your day job? What’s your least favorite part of your day job?

Currently, I’m studying Psychology at university. The awesome thing about studying, and especially studying psychology, is the flexibility and freedom. Every day is different and you are you control your daily life!  

Sometimes don’t enjoy the long discussions and I mean super long discussions at university about abstract questions that there is not any single, right, wrong, or reasonable answer to. But this also makes different perspectives and ideas come out, which is pretty good :D

Who’s your favorite riding buddy and why?

Everyone who has fun on a bike! I like to laugh on the descents, when someone makes a sketchy move or nearly crashed but saves it, and when a ride pushes me to ride with people who are faster than me because maybe one day I’ll be as fast as them.

When did you start mountain biking? Why did you start? What made you a lifer (was it a moment, a ride, a trip, etc.?)?

It was in 2014 when I first got in touch with this awesome sport. My boyfriend gave me the opportunity to ride a full suspension bike and I was totally impressed by how it worked and what I could do with it! But, the real start of my biking career was in 2015, where I took part in my first downhill race.

What’s the thing you love second to cycling and why?

Sports in general! It doesn’t matter what kind, I love going to the gym and lift weights. I also like everything outdoors and he nature: climbing, skiing, snowboarding, jogging. Trying to push the own limits and experience new things, that’s what makes me happy.

Do you feel that you have a good balance in your life? If yes, how do you achieve that? If no, what's off balance and why?

Of course! The combination of studying (doing something for your brain) and sports (doing something for your body) makes me feel fulfilled and just happy! If you‘re tired of reading and learning – go out for a ride. And if you’re tired from a good gym session or ride – come home, have a cup of tea and rest on the couch with a good book to your hands!

What’s your favorite ride snack?

Clif Bars, especially the chocolate flavor!

If you left for a big mountain bike trip tomorrow, what're the top 3 things you couldn’t live without?

My bicycle, of course! My camera, for saving all those beautiful moments and a bunch of good friends to share this adventure with!


What’s your favorite local trail and why?

I don’t really have a favorite track or trail. I love to ride new things and I like technical and steep stuff. Everything that challenges me, makes me happy.

What’s one other thing in your life that is as good as this trail?

Hm, that’s a hard one, because there is no single thing. At the moment I would say it’s my life itself? I’m super happy how everything is going right now. I think it’s a mixture of many good things, that makes my life as good as a new trail. 



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