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Porsha Murdock


It wasn't until my boyfriend (now husband) and I moved to Texas in 2011 where I jumped on the bike and got on some trails. Mountain biking terrified me and to be honest, I hated it.  For some reason, I stuck with it and slowly started to make progress until it eventually became a passion.

Racing was probably one of the biggest influences on my attitude about mountain biking. I was able to make a lot of great friends and connect with a variety of people based on the love of bikes.  I started in cat 3 cross-country and slowly progressed through the ranks ultimately getting to Cat 1. It was at that time that I decided to take a season and travel to where the Pro cross-country races took place to see if it was realistic for me to keep going. I did really well and before I was to return home to Texas I entered into my first enduro race. I knew after that weekend that a new passion had developed. I am now in my second year racing in the pro class for enduro and love every second of it. 

We have since moved and now live in Bend, OR with our black lab, Lucy (who also loves a good mountain bike ride and a swim in the Deschutes).   


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