Juliana Bicycles - Sarah Leishman

Sarah Leishman


Bike Size: Small

Bike Setup Highlights: 

Reverb set right up against my grip so I can reach. Levers close to the bars for my freakishly small hands. SRAM Quarq power meter 32 ring when I train—I take it off to race. Prototype Juliana saddle. 

From the Blog:

"As far as the 2017 riding season; it’s already full of change. I plan to shift my focus away from the intensity of racing and battling on the Enduro World Series, and instead focus on bringing energy back into local events, media projects that are meaningful to me, and living my days like Chuck does."

Excerpt, The Year of Chuck


  • Team: Ambassadors
  • DOB: April 7
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Home: Whistler, BC

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