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Getting In Tune With Our Riders


It doesn’t matter how well designed your frame is or how many fancy knobs and levers you can click on your shock—if the internal parts of your suspension aren’t properly tuned for you, you’ll never get the most from your ride.

At Juliana, we like to get a bit rowdy on technical trails—it's all part of the fun!  But it should happen in a manner that’s balanced and controlled, which only happens when the suspension is right for you. However, mountain bike suspension is historically tuned with male riders in mind, simply because they represent a larger portion of the market. In the United States, the mean-average dude weight is a solid 30 pounds more than that of the average American woman*. This fact is corroborated by our own studies** and is true (to varying degrees) throughout the world. 

If a stock shock is tuned to work best for the average dude, it will not perform optimally for the average woman.

So What Are We Doing About It?

Juliana staff work closely with Santa Cruz engineers, and the technicians at Fox and RockShox, to develop custom tunes that bring out the best in each of our models.

We then test those products amongst a diverse group of women to ensure theory meets reality.  We’re looking for a tune that delivers the best balance of traction and control in the widest variety of situations, and the result is what makes Juliana different.

The Joplin, for example, features all the same great engineering and geometry traits as the Santa Cruz Tallboy, however it offers the typically lighter Juliana rider a plush and smooth feel throughout the travel, thanks to its custom ‘light’ tune.

And That’s Not All

Juliana’s component selection refines your ride even further.  We know people like to customize their bikes to suit their individual needs, but our aim is to deliver a product you can ride straight out of the shop with no messin’ around.

From shock tune to chainring size and saddles to grips, our crew of dedicated female product testers have pored over all the subtle details a modern female mountain biker wants.  We don’t shout about these details all over the bike itself because we don’t feel we need to.  Our founder is one of the fiercest riders of all time—her name on the downtube says it all.

*CDC: Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults: United States, 2007-2010, tables 4, 6, 10, 12, 19, 20
**Sample area: USA (multiple states). Sample period: 15 months 2/15 - 5/16. Sample size: 3074 riders (438 women, 2636 men)

Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Fits

Women want a bike that doesn’t let theory compromise real-world handling.

They want a bike that’s been refined to have the most appropriate reach, height, and overall geometry for the terrain they’re riding.

And that’s what Juliana has offered from the very beginning.

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Juliana Bicycles

A Bike for Life

Our philosophy is to create a bike capable of running like new – indefinitely, and with as little hassle and expense as possible.

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Juliana Bicycles

A Bike That Inspires

Juliana is as much about creating a share of voice for women in mountain biking as it is about creating the products themselves.

No matter how much thought goes into our bicycles, it’s the people who ride them that bring them to life.

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