Juliana Riders Take on NZ Enduro

March 16 — 2015 | New Zealand

Anka and Kelli finish eight seconds apart!

It was a good weekend for Juliana riders in New Zealand! Juliana-SRAM Pro Team racers Anka Martin and Kelli Emmet finished a hair-splitting eight seconds apart in the Women's Pro race to take 6th and 7th places, respectively, and Amabassador Katrina Strand finished ninth. In the Women's Open race, Ambassadors Anja McDonald and Julia Hobson accounted for two-thirds of the podium, with Anja winning by nearly five minutes, and Julia taking third. 

Some amazing photos from Sven Martin below, and be sure to check the video from Steel City Media and VitalMTB to see the beautiful scenery, racing highlights, and helicopter shuttles! 

Click here to watch the Santa Cruz NZ Enduro Race Recap Video - More Mountain Bike Videos

All photos copyright Sven Martin, used with permission.

Kelli Emmett

Anka Martin

Katrina Strand

Anka and Kelli

Beautiful New Zealand


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