Trans-Provence 2015 - Day 4

June 24 — 2015

The TP doesn't disappoint!

In a stage that can only be described as, "epic," Day 4 of Trans-Provence tested all the riders' bike-handling, navigation, and guts. Photographer Gary Perkin sent over this dispatch, describing the final timed segment of the stage: 

SP16 is the big one—Abeliera or Hobson’s Choice—named after Juliana ambassador Julia Hobson, who found and tested the trail a few years ago. The trail has had various start levels making the special stage anything from 1000+m to about 844m of vertical descent. But today’s one was a bit shorter due to a timing balise being placed further down the trail than anyone expected. All the racers gathered about 150m down what they thought was the special only to find no balise. So they got hold of Ash Smith and a new start was setup. Riders went off in order of overall ranking down quite possibly one of the most exhilarating trails I have ever ridden. It is also one of the hardest trails I have ever ridden.

Scroll on for some of Gary Perkin's amazing photos, and today's video wrap up from the TP crew! 


Monster scenery was on the docket for Stage 4


Keeping your equipment in good working order over the course of a week takes frequent cleaning and maintenance, including making sure the alpine grass comes out of your derailleur


Genevieve Baril navigating the rocks




The field in a field

MAVIC® TRANS-PROVENCE 2015 /// DAY 4 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

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