Trans-Provence 2015 - Day 6

June 27 — 2015

The TP is done and dusted. Time to celebrate!

The 2015 Mavic Trans-Provence is officially over, and Juliana-SRAM Pro Team racer Anka Martin survived the high heat, loose, rocky sections, and epic climbing to finish the race in second place, just behind Tracy Mosely! Congrats to Genevieve Baril, Rachael Walker, and Julia Hobson on an amazing week of racing and riding too! Scroll on for some of photographer Gary Perkin's awesome photos from the last day of the race and the celebration that ensued.


The Juliana Crew (L to R) Rachael Walker, Anka Martin, Genevieve Baril, Julia Hobson


Anka and her Roubion, post Mediterranean plunge


Gary had this to say about his week in France: 
Its hard to put into words the effect the week of Trans-Provence has. As much as you prepared and trained, its never enough. Mentally and physically it drains you on another level. Your bike takes an accelerated rate of punishment day in and day out. But when the dust has settled and the carafes of red wine have been drunk at the last evening’s party and the end of week slideshows have been shown you feel a different kind of emptiness. A longing to do it all again once the aches, scrapes, cuts, and bruises and the memories of those switchbacks have healed. Cheesy perhaps, but thats the hold adventures like TP have on us: they strip off the layers of clutter of modern life through pain and suffering and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the little things — which end up being the big things. Getting a switchback right, finding the flow between two gnarly sections, or just the simple act of riding a bike in the outdoors.

Until next year!

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