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  • Robin Vieira

    Robin Vieira

    Robin Vieira


    Bend, Oregon


    “Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual." Earnest Hemingway

    Robin Vieira grew up and still resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she’s explored most facets of outdoor adventure through ultra-running, cycling, skiing, surfing, and camping. For Robin, riding bikes began as a family activity. On their rides, she became intrigued by her father’s stories of his “stupid’ stunts” on bikes, and once she witnessed the freedom it gave her sister (who has autism), she came to understand that cycling offers life-changing gifts. Robin is grateful for every one of them, and determined to give back by inspiring appreciation and protection for the environment. For her, riding is a lifelong relationship, “Mountain biking and gravel riding breathe life into me; they are the closest I’ve come to feeling like I can fly.”

    Robin is a yoga/strength/mindfulness teacher and also manages digital partnerships and campaigns, athletes, and ambassadors at Hydro Flask. She is the cofounder of the running and cycling club, “The Trail Kooks,” bringing together people who share her passion for protecting the wild places where we play. Today you can find her pursuing backcountry endurance adventures and promoting mindful communities.

    What’s your favorite part of your day job?

    "I love uniting groups of people from different backgrounds who are passionate about common interests and who share similar values. There's magic in forming communities around a cause, and I love being the instigator for this and for causes for greater good."

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