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Enduro World Series #3 at Tweedlove

Kelli and Anka get muddy in rainy Scotland

It was rainy and wet over the weekend at the Tweedlove Festival in Scotland, but that meant exciting, technical racing, and Anka and Kelli were up to the task! After the mud had settled, Kelli finished 13th overall with Anka less than a minute behind her in 15th. Scroll through for some of Sven Martin's photos from the weekend, and stay tuned for a full race report from Kelli! 

Sven Martin
There's a bunch of racing, but Tweedlove is a week-long festival with all kinds of skills clinics and opportunities for kids to meet professional athletes. 


Sven Martin
Kelli, getting those wheels off the muddy ground!


Sven Martin
Anka making the most of a break in the rain



Posted on: June 01 — 2015 | All News