Juliana Bicycles

May's Instagram Demo Contest

And the Winnner is...

Lauren's winning Instagram photo from her demo at the factory.

Lauren Junker! Lauren's a Santa Cruz, California resident who demoed a Juliana at the Factory. Scroll down for her awesome winner's selfie, and a quick interview. 


1. What’s your favorite thing about riding bikes?
My favorite thing about riding bikes is the adventure. I love getting on my bike and being able to go to new places and see things at slow speeds. I love how free and independent it makes me feel. When I'm on my bike going for a long ride or a ride in a new place I love the challenges it brings. Trying new obstacles on a trail, and then trying them again and again or riding a farther distance than I ever have and seeing how far I can push my body. Really my favorite part of riding is the beer and burrito after!

2. What’s your favorite trail and why?
I LOVE Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, CA. It is the trail system where I really learned to love mountain biking and where I go when I want a ride that I can smile and laugh the whole time. The scenery is beautiful, the views of the ocean are epic, and it's a great place to see wildlife like bobcats, wild turkeys and hawks. I even saw a weasel when I demoed the Juliana!

3. Why did you decide to demo a Juliana bike? What was your experience like?
I wanted to demo a Juliana because in my opinion they are seriously the coolest bikes out there. They look amazing and I figure by association, if I'm riding one, I will too! I have heard nothing but good things about the way they ride and the way they handle and I wanted to see for myself. I had the best experience demoing the bike! Going to the factory was so easy and Andrea who helped me get set up was so sweet and helpful. I demoed a Joplin got to ride the bike all day which meant that I could take it on a ton of trails around Santa Cruz to really get a feel for the suspension and the 29" wheels (which I loved!). I had a great experience and I would tell every girl in Santa Cruz to go do the same thing I did!

4. Complete the phrase…”when in doubt, ________.”
Pick door number 3.

Posted on: June 04 — 2015 | Santa Cruz, CA | All News