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June Juliana Demo Photo Contest Winner

Who could it be? Where is she from? Find out!

Carrie's winning demo photo

June's Juliana Demo Photo Contest winner is Carrie from Massachusetts! We sent her over a few questions, read on for her answers and her winning selfie! 


What's your favorite thing about riding bikes?

My favorite thing about riding bikes is being able to "get out there."  Whether it is on some trails and I'm "getting out" in the woods, or whether it is riding my fixie for our Wednesday night rides around Somerville and Boston, my bikes get me out there:)

What's your favorite trail?

Favorite trail is definitely Sidewinder, at Kingdom Trails.  It's like a giant half pipe, and you can't do it if you don't fully commit at the top.  (Plug: this trail is at risk for being sold by the Landowner- I know NEMBA is taking donations to keep it as a part of the Kingdom Trails- keeping my fingers crossed!).  And I can't forget to mention Refrigerator Door at Landlocked Forest in Burlington,MA - this one also has a special place in my heart.

Why did you decide to demo a Juliana?

I decided to try a Juliana bike because they look rad, and not over pink-ified like so many other women's specific bikes out there.  And I'm happy I did- best ride of the weekend, for sure:). And Kathy definitely knew what she was talking about when we asked her some questions before the demo- she rocks!

Celebration selfie!!

Posted on: July 02 — 2015 | All News