Juliana Bicycles

August's Juliana Instagram Demo Contest Winner Is...

Dominique Fultz!

Dominique decided to demo a Juliana, snapped a photo, and now a sweet package of goodies from Juliana, SRAM, and Evoc is headed her way. In addition to the sweet winning selfie she provided, we asked her some questions; read on below, and check out her winning 'gram! 

What is your favorite thing about riding bikes?
I love the way you experience the world on a bike. Biking connects you to your surroundings in a really personal way; you’re breathing the air, engaging your body, and experiencing the world at an entirely different speed. I have had lovely times in my life where my bike was my only transportation, times spent touring with a loaded bike and seeing wonderful new places from my bike saddle, and times with friends riding trails and hooting with joy. Biking is great on so many levels, as transportation, exercise, meditation, and FUN! 

What's your favorite trail or section of trail?
I love riding the trails up at Grand Targhee Resort, and my favorites are over in Rick’s Basin. There are a variety of really fun trails up there, cruisy single track with fun downhill sections and beautiful scenery. Quakie Ridge, Perma-Grin, and More Cowbell are some of the awesome trails that make up Rick’s Basin. 

Why did you demo a Juliana?
I decided to demo a Juliana bike because I saw that my local bike shop, Habitat, was hosting a Juliana demo, and I had been admiring the beautiful bicycles. Aside from the superior functionality, the gorgeous aesthetic of the bikes appealed to me as an artist and designer, and I had to know more! I wanted to see what these amazing bikes are all about, and I was not disappointed. The Joplin is by far the nicest bike I have ever ridden, and I was loving the smooth, super fun ride as it climbed single track and rolled over rocks and roots on the downhill. I loved the women specific features as well as the sexy matte paint job, and the bike felt like it was meant for me. Kathy was awesome, very helpful and friendly. I am so glad I took part in the demo, and definitely see myself riding my own Juliana in the future. Hopefully sooner than later :) 

When in doubt?
Call your mom.

Posted on: September 15 — 2015 | All News