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Our October Demo Photo Contest Winner Is...

Jenn Levo from Portland, Oregon! Scroll on for her winning selfies, and to read about why she loved her Juliana demo experience!


What’s your favorite thing about riding bikes?

I love the independence that bikes give you. From the first time you're a little kid and your parents let you ride to the end of the street to when you're an adult and you could go out for days upon with your friends, all riding bikes and having fun. Additionally, when you're riding bikes, anything can happen. Riding is an amazing adventure and the only limit is your fitness level (and maybe a flat tire or two).

What’s your favorite trail and why?

I really like Waldo Lake in central Oregon. I like this trail because it encircles an amazing freshwater lake that is so blue and clean - it's like someone poured a massive vat of food coloring in it. Most of the trail winds through an old growth forest, but there is one section that winds through an area that was completely charred by a forest fire about ten years ago. The land here is slowly coming back and its amazing to see the contrast between destruction and regrowth. Silver wood aged by fire and time accentuated with bright purple wildflowers. Nature is rad and being able to enjoy it while riding, well... that's like having your cake and eating it too.

Why did you decide to demo a Juliana bike? What was your experience like?

I was in Moab at Outerbike and trying a wide range of various styles of mountain bikes and brands. I liked that at the Juliana tent I didn't have to fight with the guys for the bikes, also there were plenty of bikes for my smaller size and the Juliana fleet was the only one featuring womens models with an ENVE carbon wheel setup. I used the bike on the Mag 7 trail and just fell in love with it. It climbed well, descended like a dream and also gave me a big boost in confidence. No other bike I tested that weekend could compare. 

4. Complete the phrase…”when in doubt, ________.”

Avoid the water, drink the beer.

Posted on: November 06 — 2015 | All News