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July's Demo Photo Contest Winner Is...

Summer is funner on a Juliana!

July's Juliana Demo Photo Contest Winner is Ariel from Oregon! Scroll on to check out her winning photo and sweet victory selfies!

What's your favorite thing about riding bikes?
My favorite thing about riding bikes is the freedom it brings me! Whether I’m out in the middle of nowhere slaying single track, or just riding my commuter to work in the morning, I feel like I can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone, and see everything. I’m not really sure why I feel that freedom, but I do. It’s like being a kid all over again pedaling out of the neighborhood or disappearing into the woods behind the house I grew up in, I’m free to be just who I want to be and to go anywhere I’d like to go. 

What's your favorite trail, and why?
My favorite trail(s) is out at Alsea Falls, which is just an hour west, half way between Corvallis and Eugene. After a quick climb up on an easy forest service road, the trail begins on Highballer which is technical and tight, only to quickly turn into Springboard, which is fast, flowy, and fun. Some sections of trail are tucked beneath a canopy of thick trees, while others wind down an open hillside. It’s my favorite trail because for such a quick climb you get a ton of diverse, fun descending. It also helps that it’s the first trail I really rode mountain bikes on, and the first trail that had me falling in love with mountain biking. 


Why did you decide to demo a Juliana?
I decided to demo a Juliana bike because I love trying out different bikes and seeing how they feel. There is so much to learn in the world of bikes and you can’t fully understand what the latest technology is all about until you try it. I wanted to try a bike with more travel, I wanted to try riding a carbon frame, and I really wanted to ride a Juliana because I love what the brand is doing to entice more women into the mountain bike community. My experience demoing was great. Kathy helped me get fitted to the right size Roubion, she adjusted the suspension and explained how the fork worked, then sent me grinning off to ride it around Oakridge. Once on the Roubion I felt like I was floating, I don’t know if it was the carbon or the VPP suspension but the bike absorbed any bump, root, or rock in my way. I easily climbed with it, and then happily flew down-mountain with it. 

When in doubt?
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Posted on: August 03 — 2015 | All News