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Itinerology: The Spirit Of Odyssey

December 04 — 2019

The Itinerology series follows Trans-Provence mastermind, Ash Smith, on a journey to revive the trails lost over time. Once a network of village highways built of necessity, reincarnated into a mountain biker's paradise. The race itself stems from a deep passion for riding, exploring, and appreciating what once was and looking to the future of our sport and community.

In the final chapter of the video series, we celebrate the manifestation of Ash's effort to breathe new life into Trans-Provence, resurfacing legendary trails and their histories. 

Juliana's own longtime racer, Anka Martin, narrates this installment of Itinerology telling the story of a pioneering mountain bike event that carries a message about the sport. She reflects on how to keep the storied event and its singular trails as more than just a distant memory. In the case, the race doesn't need to go on forever, these mind-bending trails were conceived before the wheel and will be here long after we are all gone.

Spirit of Odyssey lives in these hills, not created by a single event and never to be destroyed.


Past Videos

Itinerology : The Thread of Time from Sam Needham on Vimeo.

Itinerology : The Elevator from Sam Needham on Vimeo.

Itinerology : The Workspace from Sam Needham on Vimeo.

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