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    Monet Adams

    Monet Adams


    “Do what you love and the rest will follow–things will always be alright in the end.”

    A lifelong mountain biker in the UK, Monet Adams has countless competitions behind her in XC, DH world cups, pro tours, and EWS races. Monet has made playfulness and positivity her personal brand, never losing her humble roots, and capturing the moment through her spirit and her video camera. She mentors young riders and inspires her peers by demonstrating that a real win comes in the form of having a blast.
    A world traveler, artist, architecture student, and filmmaker, Monet prefers to keep her routine brimming with projects and destinations. After experiencing the incredible places she’s roamed around the globe, Monet has become an environmentalist, an ambassador for Trash Free Trails, and hopes to leverage her future architecture career toward nature conservation. She describes herself as, “completely obsessed with everything to do with where we’ve come from and where we are going in terms of the built world.” Residing in Bristol with her boyfriend and little black cat, it's her dream to move to Italy where she can ride dusty turns, drink post ride Aperols, and be surrounded by beautiful old neoclassical villas

    What’s your day job? What’s your favorite part of your day job? What’s your least favorite part of your day job?

    "So I’m actually a student at the moment, the goal is to work specifically in sustainability as the construction industry accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions! So my favourite part is that it's creative, empowering and I might be able to contribute to that statistic. However there's a lot of sitting and working at a computer or on a drawing - I do find that challenging to stay focused- especially when its good weather outside!"

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