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MY21 Gypsum & MY21 Orange Rust

Heading straight for the Gravel & Roll Hall of Fame, Quincy is on your playlist with a mix that's just right.

Quincy is inspired by a place like no other. Nestled deep in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California is a small gold rush town where the avenues for adventure seem endless.

Miles upon miles of dirt roads that lead to nowhere and everywhere. The kind of roads you want to get lost and found on. Where you don’t quite know what kind of bike is best suited, and forces a constant re-think of your whole darn setup. This is Quincy terrain.

A full carbon frame and fork gives where you need it and takes a beating where you need it more. From tarmac to way-off-the-map, this is a robust bike that’s comfortable on or off-road all day long.

Designed to adapt, Quincy builds are available in 700c or 650b wheel options with clearance to run wide tires on both (45mm and 2.1” respectively). Pleasingly simple single-ring drivetrains come standard, but the frame can also accommodate a dual chainring set-up if desired. 

Cleverly routed hydraulic disc brakes ensure you’re always in control, no matter how fast you’re rolling in any conditions. Meanwhile, mounts for fenders and three water-bottle cages complete the incredibly versatile, all-conditions package.

With a size range that fits rider heights from around 5’0 up to 5’9 and a geometry that perfectly balances confident handling with precision reactivity, this is a Juliana Bicycle through and through. And like all our bikes, Quincy is spec’d with kits we feel are best suited to potential owners. This includes the Ergon SR10 women’s saddle and bar widths matched to frame size for a tailored cockpit that gives Quincy that unique fit, look, and feel.

*Quincy frame shown in Gysum

Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size:
    650b or 700c
  • Rear travel: Gravel/CX
  • Designed for: Back roads to off-the-map

Build & Price

Up Close

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.


CHead Tube Angle69.5°69.5°71°71°71.5°71.5°
DSeat Tube Length470mm18.5"495mm19.49"520mm20.47"
EFront Center594mm23.39"595mm23.43"600mm23.62"
FBB Height280mm11.02"280mm11.02"282mm11.1"
GBB Drop74mm2.91"74mm2.91"72mm2.83"
IChainstay Length425mm16.73"425mm16.73"425mm16.73"
JHead Tube Length110mm4.33"130mm5.12"150mm5.91"
KTop Tube Length512mm20.16"526mm20.71"545mm21.46"
LSeat Tube Angle74.5°74.5°74.5°74.5°74°74°
MStandover Height730mm28.74"754mm29.69"776mm30.55"
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Frame Sizing

5'0"152 — 5'3"160cm
5'3"160 — 5'6"168cm
5'6"168 — 5'9"175cm

Tech Support

Can I use "Road+" tires on my Quincy?

Yes, definitely. Road+ (otherwise known as 650x47) will work on pavement or moderate terrain. For rocky or more uneven terrain, we'd recommend something larger to keep the BB a little higher. 27.5x2.0 is better for this use, or something in the 700x35-45c range.

Can I put a dropper post on my bike?

Yes! We've included options for routing internally-routed dropper posts on the Quincy. Just make sure you order a 27.2mm post

Does the Quincy work with fenders?

Yes. We designed it to work with up to 700x35 or 27.5x2.0 while using fenders. Tires and fenders vary greatly, so treat these numbers as guidelines, not gospel.  

How big of a tire will fit?

The frame and fork will accept up to a 700x45 or 27.5x2.1" tire. The SRAM Red AXS bike will only accept up to 700x42, and no viable 27.5 options, due to clearance limitations with the front derailleur

How many water bottle cages will fit?

The Quincy has mounts for 3 bottles. One is under the downtube, and the other two are inside the front triangle.

I rarely take my wheels off, and want a cleaner look... Can I get wheel axles without handles?

We include Rockshox's excellent Maxle Ultimate axles with the Quincy, for ease of use. If you want the cleanest setup, use Maxle Stealth or another aftermarket solution. Front axle is 125mm long, 12mm diameter, 12mm thread length, M12X1.50 thread. Rear axle is 174mm long, 12mm diameter, 20mm thread length, M12X1.75 thread

I want to put a different fork on my Quincy. What specs are important?

Our fork is 395mm axle-crown, so you want to be pretty close to that. We spec 50mm rake on the 49, 52, and 54cm bikes, and 45mm rake on larger sizes.

Sweet- the Quincy has fender mounts at the dropouts! Can I use those to mount a rack?

No, the fender mounts are strictly for fenders.  They were not built to carry a rack or weight.

What are the main differences between the Juliana Quincy and Santa Cruz Stigmata?

The Quincy is offered in a 49cm frame, which fits riders ~5’0” to ~5’2”. It is spec'd with bar widths that are sized appropriately (38cm on size 49 and 40cm on 52 and 54), and an Ergon SR10 women’s saddle. And, it is offered in two 1x options from SRAM.

What brake rotor size is compatible?

The Quincy uses standard "flat-mount" brake mounts. These are compatible with 140mm or 160mm rotors, depending on the adapter/orientation

What cranks are compatible with the Quincy?

This bike uses a 68mm threaded BB, so any crank compatible with that standard should work great.  

What do I need to mount fenders?

Bikes and frames include the custom seat stay mount that we designed, as there is no traditional seat stay bridge on the Quincy. Other than that, you should only need the hardware that comes with your fenders.

What front derailleurs are the Quincy compatible with?

We've built this bike to accept electronic FDs, or modern cable-actuated FD's from Shimano (7000/8000/9000 series). Mechanical FDs from SRAM won't work, as they lack the integrated housing stop that's necessary with our cable routing.  

What kind of headset does this bike use?

This bike uses integrated headset cups. The upper is 41mm and the lower is 52mm. The SHIS name is IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40. The fork uses an integrated 1.5" crown race, with a 36* taper angle. We know that's a lot of specs to worry about, so we made sure that every Stigmata/Quincy comes with a compatible headset, whether you're purchasing a frameset or complete bike.

What size chainrings will fit?

With 1x, you can use up to 42t. For 2x, we've built it to accept up to a 36t small ring and 50t big ring

Where can I find additional technical information for my bike?

Currently, all technical info is located either on the bike archive or under tech support. Both can provide helpful information for puzzling with your bike, torque specs, and exploded diagrams.