Enduro World Series 2019 - Madeira

Mayo 11 — 2019 | Madeira, Portugal

Juliana Free Agents were in Madeira, Portugal this week for the third Enduro World Series race of the season. Don't be fooled, Madeira might be a sunny, tropical island, but this course is rugged, physical, and has some of the hottest racing conditions of the series. 

Race Day with Morgane

This years format offered two days, eight stages, and 60km of grueling pedaling on top of extremely hot conditions and left many women struggling to finish the race. After the first day and 3 stages of racing, Morgane Charre was sitting in 4th overall and within seconds of the top three contenders. Morgane started Day 2 strong, applied pressure to the top contenders and found herself in 2nd for a short time after the first two stages of the day. 

It was extremely close racing as the podium contenders swapped back and forth after every stage. After an hour of total racing, Morgane finished with a solid 4th place, only one second behind Great Britain's young rider, Ella Connelly.

Juliana had several Free Agents in the race including Tanja Naber from Germany, finishing 22nd, and Canadian rider Laura Battista, finishing 16th. The field was stacked with all the top female racers in the world and the Juliana Free Agents held strong to finish in the top half of the field. 

We close out the race with Morgane sitting in 3rd for the EWS overall. 

4Morgane Charre
16Laura Battista
22Tanja Naber

We're already ready to cheer them on all over again in Val di Fassa, Italy. Let the 6-week countdown begin.

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