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Going Place: Julia


Going Places: Julia

Diciembre 09 — 2019 | La Grave, France


Words by: Julia Hobson

Our lives are shaped not just by the things that happen to us, but by how we choose to move forward from them. Bad things happen to good people, but you never think they will happen to you or the people you love...until they do. 

The 12th of November 2011. A date forever etched in my memory for all the wrong reasons. Life changed in a second, all my plans and dreams came crashing down around me as the world as I knew it changed irreparably. 

At times like these, it feels like there’s no way forward, no future that can ever hold as much happiness, but amid the turmoil and devastation you have a choice...let the sadness and grief dominate your life, or turn a tragedy into the motivation and inspiration for a new life, and make something positive out of an awful situation. It was far from easy, especially in the first few years, but that’s the choice I made. 

Bikes have seen me through the worst times of my life, have led me down new paths, to new places, new people, and towards new ventures.

Riding bikes in the mountains was a shared passion that became a coping mechanism for loss, and now is an integral part of my work and play. Bikes have seen me through the worst times of my life, have led me down new paths, to new places, new people, and towards new ventures. They have helped me build a new life... not the one I thought I’d be living, different, but full of happiness and an appreciation for the things that are important to me. 

I never imagined I’d be running my own business, but somehow the experiences of the last 8 years have led me towards creating my own guiding company, Endless Trails MTB. What was once a personal passion has become a way of life and a job. I count myself very lucky for that. It’s true that the people we love never really leave us. Gareth is a constant inspiration to me, to be brave, live courageously, pursue the things that make me happy, and to get on with living today, as sometimes there’s no tomorrow. 

La Grave was a natural choice for a starting point for my first Alpine trips through the Hautes-Alpes of France. It’s a tiny mountain village with a slow pace of life, reflected in the legendary lift which carries skiers, mountaineers, and mountain bikers up to what feels like paradise. Sitting under the mighty Meije glacier, with trails so close you feel like you can touch it. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for experienced riders who love wild, steep, technical, natural trails it’s hard to beat. I’ve been coming here for a long time, initially to climb and ski, but more recently to ride bikes. It’s a place that holds happy memories, and where I’ve sought solace, but also where I look forward to creating new memories with like-minded guests. 

So this is me, Julia. Mountain bike guide, business owner, and lover of mountains, adventures, and sharing both with others. Here’s to new chapters and looking forward, while never forgetting the ones past and how they’ve shaped who we are. 

For more information on Endless Trails MTB and Julia check out: https://www.endlesstrailsmtb.com/

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