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  • Emilé Zynobia Newman

    Emilé Zynobia Newman

    Emilé Zynobia Newman


    Jackson Hole, Wyoming


    When Emilé moved close to the mountains of Jackson, WY, mountain biking became a natural summer counterpart to her winter snowboarding. After years of involvement in sports, Emilé is now choosing to claim her place in cycling, snowboarding, horseback riding, yoga, and more. She’s become an influential voice through her writing, ambassadorship for an array of outdoor industry companies, and vital conversations regarding race, culture, and recreation.

    Passionate about conserving our wild places, Emilé is a second-year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Environment where she is specializing in Ecosystems and Land Management, focusing on conservation and Western communities. Outside of class, she works as a research assistant for the Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative and is the Co-Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival at Yale.

    As a former field ecologist, she has researched ecology in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She has also worked as an outdoor educator and naturalist, teaching at the Teton Science Schools and the National Outdoor Leadership School. In her spare time, she engages in a multitude of freelance commercial and storytelling projects. As a writer, she covers intersectional topics ranging from outdoor inclusion, western identity, and the natural environment.

    What goals do you have for you and your bike in the upcoming year?

    "I think my primary goals involve progression, relationship, and fun. Alongside some friends and collaborators, I hope to embark on various extended bike packing trips and highlight issues of environmental and societal concern."

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