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  • Tanja Naber

    Tanja Naber

    Tanja Naber


    Freiburg, Germany


    Tanja Naber grew up in a quiet rural region of Germany, and although she was without big mountains, nature was always her playground. “I started mountain biking about ten years ago during my studies, I never thought I would get that addicted to this sport as I am today.” Now 33 years old and living in Freiburg, Germany, Tanja applies her technical mind to her job as a construction engineer, collaborating with her team to plan and design for new infrastructure projects.

    “So getting my first mountain bike and riding up the alpine mountains opened up my eyes because I found out that the way down on the trails makes even more fun than going up!” Tanja became motivated as hell to follow friends on technical, fast trails and quickly learned how to handle her bike in difficult terrain. Most of the time, she found that she was the only girl in the group, so she turned to formal competition to test her abilities against other women. “And that’s how my racing career started. Some wins at some national races here, some good results there and then went into this EWS business. But besides enduro racing, traveling to unknown areas and discovering new trails is still my biggest passion.”

    What’s one other thing in your life that is as good as this trail?

    "The whole mixture of my life. Sometimes it’s rough and challenging, but you learn so much out of this. And sometimes it’s smooth going and you can relax and think about the next adventure and share your experiences with friends or other people on your road (or trail)."

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