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Morgane Charre


Can you give us a brief intro about yourself?
I'm a 28-year-old french girl who likes riding and racing bikes. I would say I love sports in general and I love spending time outside, in the mountains, in the forest etc. 

I grew up in South of France, as a kid I always wanted to be active, I tried many different sports including gymnastics, handball, basketball, etc but I found my passion with bike riding. I started racing Downhill World Cups in 2010 and became World Champion in 2012. I now have a newfound passion for Enduro racing which means I'm now mixing up DH and Enduro races. 

For me, mountain biking doesn't mean only racing. I simply love being on my bike and going for big rides with my friends, seeing new places and meeting new people along the way! 
Outside of mountain biking, I really enjoy all kind of mountain activities. I also studied physics at university and like this kind of technical stuff and understanding how things work.

Where do you call home?
Home for me is a tiny village up in the French Alps called Entremont. It's just a few minutes from La Clusaz and about 1 hour from Annecy, Geneva and Morzine. 
I grew up in the South of France but I fell in love with the Alps when I moved to Annecy for university a few years ago.

What’s your day job? What’s your favorite part of your day job? What’s your least favorite part of your day job?
I'm a part-time pro rider. It allows me to progress and train in order to become a better rider. You need such diverse skills in order to be a good bike racer, I feel like I'm constantly learning and improving, that's such a satisfying feeling and it always makes me want to progress. The emotions, the travels and the people I got to meet through riding make it a dream job for sure. Outside of racing, I enjoy all the media side as well: filming videos or going to new places for a destination report for example. 

Of course, the least favorite parts of that job is getting injured and trying to get enough budget for the season which is pretty stressful. 
I had different jobs in the offseason the last few years from working in a ski shop to working in quality control in aeronautic industry. I enjoyed all of these experiences and learned from all of them. In the future I'm hoping to get more and more involved in product development within the bike industry.

Who’s your favorite riding buddy and why?
I love riding with James McKnight, my boyfriend. He is such a talented rider and his riding is super creative. I love following his lines down a trail as he always find something to make it even more fun. He is also pretty good company ;)

When did you start mountain biking? Why did you start? What made you a lifer (was it a moment, a ride, a trip, etc.?)?
We always had bikes in the family and we used to go for a ride at the weekends with my parents and my sister, I think it all started there... But then I started skateboarding and riding a BMX at the local skatepark when I was around 12 and got hooked: I would spend most of my free time on that BMX bike. In 2006, when I was 16, some friends lent me a DH bike and took me to a local race. I had quite a few crashes but I also loved it. I realized I could get as much adrenaline than on my BMX but the playground for MTB felt much bigger and diverse. I always loved to be in nature and I guess that was my way to combine that with my passion for sports. 

What’s the thing you love second to cycling and why?
I love being in the mountains. It could be on skis, but also just hiking or running. I just love that feeling of being a tiny person in a big wild area. 
We've got quite a lot of snow each winter here and I like to have a little break from biking and to go skiing instead for a couple of months. It could be XC skiing, ski touring or snowboarding, I love it all. 

Do you feel that you have a good balance in your life? If yes, how do you achieve that? If no, what's off balance and why? 
Some periods of the year might feel pretty off balanced. The racing season can be very busy with racing and travelling, I miss home sometimes, my friends and family, but I'm lucky to have James travelling with me to most of the races now for his job and that really helps me o get the balance back. We can enjoy the places we go to and go explore a little bit in-between racing, it really helps not to think about racing 24/7. In winter, juggling between work and training can get pretty tough and sometimes I just need to sit down and allow myself a bit of relaxing time with friends. Overall I'm pretty happy with my balance, it feels like the years are going pretty fast sometimes but I wouldn't change it. 

If you left for a big mountain bike trip tomorrow, what're the top 3 things you couldn’t live without?
A small waterproof jacket for changing weather (I might replace it with a swimming suit if it's really hot), chocolate snacks and.... a phone I guess, just in case something wrong happened or just to take a few photos but I guess I would mostly leave it in a pocket and enjoy the trip.

What’s your favorite local trail and why?
It's a hiking trail near La Clusaz. The view at the top is absolutely beautiful, especially with the evening light, then it goes on a little ridge before dropping into the woods. It's got a lot of little gaps which make it flowy and so nice to ride. Sometimes you can see mountain goats up there. I love it! 

What’s one other thing in your life that is as good as this trail? 
Swimming in a lake after a good ride and watch the sunrise with a bunch of friends and pizzas. 

Photos by Keno Derleyn.


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