Sportsball Season

10月 01 — 2019 | Santa Cruz, CA

Your Favourite Players


It's sportsball season here in the USA--we are nearing playoff season for baseball, football just started, and basketball season is about to start. With sportsball comes all the talk about the players; round table discussions on ESPN, game analysis, stats, etc. But since ESPN doesn't cover the mountain bike racing, we thought we would introduce you to our favorite players of the cycling world.

Meet the Juliana/SRAM Pro Team and the Juliana Free Agents, who have been taking on the Enduro World Series and Continental Enduro World Series all season. With the final EWS in Zermatt, Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure, and Trans Cascadia, we wanted to make sure you knew who to cheer for. Meet the team right here:

*click player's "cards" to see stats and facts*


Our pro riders blowing through the limits of riding and showing the world who’s boss in women’s racing.




Catch these up and coming riders kicking up dust in the gnarliest of races from cross-country to enduro and beyond.



Achieving what most athletes can only dream of, all before they graduate high school. Junior riders race for Juliana and the NorCal Cycling League.




Exquisite riders themselves, these ladies are best talent in the industry to fix a bike, fine-tune a line, push riders to the podium. 



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