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  • Genevieve Baril

    Genevieve Baril

    Genevieve Baril


    Bromont, Quebec


    An ER doctor and self-proclaimed adrenaline junky, Genevieve Baril wasn’t introduced to mountain biking until the age of 28. Although she was a competitive volleyball player, her passion for riding quickly evolved. She put down her volleyball, thinking she was done competing, but Gen found herself on the starting line of the first EWS in Punta Ala, Italy, just two years later. “It makes me alive. It makes me who I am as a person, it makes me discover parts of the world in their most genuine ways and makes me meet the most beautiful mountain people in many countries.”

    Bromont, Quebec, is where Gen gets her fill of techy trails and flavorsome maple syrup. Gen has also helped create a local women’s mountain bike club, “The Muddbunnies,” that hosts weekly rides and inspires women who want to get into the sport. Since becoming a Julianna ambassador in 2015, she remarks, “I can't count all the exceptional, whole-hearted and passionate women I have met as a part of this family.”

    As a brand-new mom, racing may take up less of Gen’s time—for now—but it’s by no means slowing her down. She’s been hinting at the prospect of some master’s races in her near-future. Her family summer plan? To travel around by van and hit as many exciting Canadian mountain biking trails as possible!

    What’s the thing you love second to cycling and why?

    "I love snowboarding and surfing equally because they are FUN and make me feel like I am playing with all that mother earth has to offer from water to snow to mountains."

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