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  • Hailey Elise

    Hailey Elise

    Hailey Elise


    Whistler, British Columbia


    Hailey Elise is a professional mountain bike athlete and photographer. The thirst for adventure and a love of sport was planted at an early age in the mountains surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia, where she grew up riding horses, playing lacrosse and rugby, and mountain biking.

    While attending university, Hailey fell in love with fashion and began shooting Vancouver Fashion Week and started a fashion blog. Moving to Whistler in 2012 was the push she needed to pursue her love of bikes and develop her passion for photography further, this time in action sports. She learned a unique set of skills in the surrounding area, developing a creative eye, a drive to push further, and desire to know no limits.

    Hailey constantly seeks growth and is always striving to expand past her own boundaries in the free ride world, in her adventures, and in getting her photography and video work published on many action sport platforms. Her initial foray into the creative world still harbors the same fire and appreciation for aesthetics as when she started in fashion. Through her commitment to flourish as an athlete, and show what is possible with determination, passion, and hard work, she has big goals in store for the upcoming season.

    What’s one other thing in your life that is as good as your favorite trail?

    "My family and friends. They've supported me through thick, thin, injuries, and wild ideas. A good crew behind you is a must when you're reaching for your dreams."

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