Anka Martin riding her Juliana Bicycle

Mix. It. Up.

Life is a mash-up of pursuits and the Roubion sits right there in the mix. The new mixed wheel configuration blends two worlds of wheel sizes to offer a whole new world of cross-over handling benefits. Whatever you're into.

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Brittany Phelan riding her Juliana Mountain Bike

When the going gets tech...

The Roubion is built to tackle classic alpine-style technical terrain. While a full-29er like the Maverick leans into straightline speed, the Roubion balances a 29-inch front wheel with a smaller 27.5-inch rear wheel to whip round switchbacks and manage those unexpected changes of direction that make ancient trails such a blast.

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Anka Martin riding her Juliana Bicycle

...the tech gets going.

With 150mm of VPP® suspension, precision carbon engineering and a host of Juliana tuning details and kit options the Roubion blends a myriad of tech to meet the demands of a myriad of riders.

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Brooklyn Bell riding her Juliana Mountain Bike

Ready to Rally The World

Originally created as Anka Martin's go-to for Trans-Provence style riding, the Roubion has since proven the ideal choice for many more athletes in many more places. Roubion riders Brooklyn Bell, Brittany Phelan and Monet Adams are part of a growing community of multi-talented women connected by a love of riding big mountain trails.

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