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Meet the one bike to rule them all. Meet the new Furtado.

The Furtado is more than a bike, it’s your partner in grime. From winding singletrack to burly rock gardens, the unmatched maneuverability of the Furtado makes it the perfect dirt-ally for every escape.

Re-designed for the 20's, this year’s Furtado bumps up the capability to the do-it-all (then do it again) frame. The 27.5” inch wheels fitted with grippy 2.4” tires turn loose lines into velcro, letting you weave through trails with the confidence of a kid wearing a cape. The 130mm rear travel and 140mm front travel floats over chunky trails while the lower link suspension keeps the traction high, letting you push the pedals without worrying about slipping or sliding. Size-specific chainstay lengths coupled with a relaxed 65 degree headtube angle create a bike that twists and turns, letting you tackle the unknown with the confidence to commit. From the lighter-tuned rear suspension that ensures full-use of the travel to the nimble geometry and selection of build kits, the Furtado puts you in control.

Make every second carved from a busy day count. Snake through the tight switchback, then eye up the ledge that’s had your number for far too long. The question was never if you’ll clear it, but when. The Furtado’s balanced design and controlled feel turns to-do lists into just-did-that lists, and questions of when into exclamations of let’s do it again.


Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC More Info
  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Front travel: 140mm
  • Rear travel: 130mm
  • Designed for: XC & Trail

Build & Price

Up Close

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.


CHead Tube Angle65.7°65.7°65.7°65.7°65.7°65.7°
DSeat Tube Length370mm14.57"380mm14.96"405mm15.94"
EFront Center699mm27.52"733mm28.86"764mm30.08"
FBB Height338mm13.31"338mm13.31"338mm13.31"
GBB Drop16mm0.63"16mm0.63"16mm0.63"
IChainstay Length423mm16.65"423mm16.65"426mm16.77"
JHead Tube Length100mm3.94"120mm4.72"135mm5.31"
KTop Tube Length524mm20.63"555mm21.85"585mm23.03"
LSeat Tube Angle77.9°77.9°77.6°77.6°77.4°77.4°
MStandover Height690mm27.17"707mm27.83"706mm27.8"
NEye to Eye Length210mm8.27"210mm8.27"210mm8.27"
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Frame Sizing

4'8"142 — 5'1"155cm
5'1"155 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm

Tech Support

A shock setup guide would be awesome. Where do I find that?

Download the shock setup guide pdf that includes recommendations for sag, high and low speed rebound, and high and low speed compression right here.

Can I fit a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs for easy chainguide mounting. Most chainguides on the market that are made for this standard should work.

Can I put a front derailleur on?

No, this bike is not compatible with front derailleurs.  

I see that all sizes of Furtado have different chainstay lengths- can I buy a different swingarm for mine so I can get a longer/shorter/radder length than my bike comes with?

No, there's only one swingarm for all sizes. The chainstay length is changed by moving the pivots and shock mount in the front triangle, to effectively shorten the rear center on different sizes.

I want to put the shock from my old bike on there, can I do that?

We always recommend the stock shock, as we've spent a lot of time tuning for each particular frame. But if you must, these are the specifics you need to keep in mind:
- 210x50 Metric shock
- 30x8mm rear hardware (bearing compatible)
- 20x8 front hardware

I'd like to replace my rear wheel axle, what size is required?

The Furtado uses a 173.7x12 axle with 1.0mm thread pitch. Note that this is a new size for us, and longer than the axles used on our trail bikes previously.

Is this bike coil shock compatible?

Yes it is. Keep in mind that on a shorter-travel platform, you'll need a pretty firm spring to keep from bottoming out too much with a coil, as you don't have the advantage of an air spring's ramp-up. However the 5010 has a rising rate linkage and will work better with a coil than most bikes in this travel range.

The geometry chart shows two settings- how do I adjust that?

There's a "flip chip" on the link where the shock mounts. Just remove the lower shock bolt and flip the chips to the setting you desire.

What kind of headset does this bike use?

This bike uses integrated headset cups. The upper is 41mm and the lower is 52mm. The SHIS name is IS 41/28.6 IS 52/40.

What kind of rear brake mount does it use?

This bike uses a 180mm post mount. You cannot run a smaller rotor than that. If using 180mm rotor, your caliper will bolt straight to the mount. For 200 or 203 rotors you will need a 20mm or 23mm Post Mount adapter

What's the story with the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)?

The Furtado is the first bike we're introducing that use this new hanger.  It's very similar in shape to our other hangers, but is not cross-compatible. Widespread industry adoption of this hanger should be imminent, and then you'll be able to get a replacement hanger at pretty much any bike shop, no matter where you are. We'll also have them available on our webstore

Where can I find additional technical information for my bike?

Currently all technical info is located either on the bike archive or under tech support. Both can provide helpful information for puzzling with your bike, torque specs, and exploded diagrams.