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Alex Pavon


Alex Pavon always races with a two-dollar bill tucked in her sports bra. When she was eleven years old, Alex went to her first out-of-town ski race. Her dad gave her the two-dollar bill and told her it was lucky. First as a downhill skier, now as a mountain biker, Alex has raced with that creased two-dollar bill ever since.


Though she’d always ridden a bike, Alex started racing after she retired from downhill skiing in 2013. A knee injury led her to rethink her commitment to ski racing. What she really loved, it turns out, is backcountry skiing. “I wanted to be able to ski when I was 65 and not have really messed up knees,” she says. She continues to coach skiing each winter in Aspen.


After Alex traded in her around-town bike for a more trail-ready machine, a friend convinced her to try an enduro race. Alex loved how similar descending a mountain bike felt to skiing. “It’s always been an effortless kind of feeling, like you’re floating,” she says. After years of intense, one-and-done downhill runs, Alex thrives on the unpredictability of backcountry enduro races such as Trans Cascadia and Trans BC.


During her first race, Alex also discovered enduro’s friendly vibe, which even the sport’s most accomplished athletes typically share. She was 19 years old at the time and racing at Winterpark when she bent her brake rotor on a feature known as “Rotor Rock.” None other than legend Tracy Moseley stopped, pulled out a rotor tool, and straightened Alex’s rotor.


“Everyone’s out there to be competitive and win, but also, everyone is out there to help each other,” she says.


Home Base

Flagstaff, Arizona.


Favorite Race

“My favorite races are the long, heinous, blind-format races like Trans BC or Trans Cascadia.”


Bet you didn’t know

Alex has a degree in biomedical science and chemistry and works as an emergency room EMT. “Being an EMT keeps me grounded,” she says. “If you think your life is stressful, go hang out in an emergency room for a day. It’s just real life. It’s kept everything in perspective for me.” In the long run, Alex hopes to attend medical school.



“You can be a really talented athlete, but if you don’t work hard, you’ll suck. It’s all about your mindset. If you work hard and you’re passionate about it, things will fall into place. The dream is free. The hustle is not free.”


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