Juliana Bicycles - Roubion Maritime Grey - 27.5
MY20 Maritime Grey & MY20 Mint

Ready to rally the world.

Ready to rally the world, the Roubion was born from our racers’ love of events like the Trans-Provence, and named after one of Anka Martin’s favorite stages of that race.

With 150mm VPP travel, and stable geometry built around a 65° head tube angle, this is the bike for facing the unknown in demanding terrain.

The Roubion's lower-link mounted shock configuration results in suspension performance that allows you to push harder and charge towards things you used to think were a big deal.

The beauty of VPP suspension is that it requires no links in the rear triangle. This creates a one-piece unified carbon swingarm that’s a piece of engineering art and the rock-solid reason why the Roubion tracks so well in rough conditions. You could call the Roubion “all mountain” or “enduro”. We just call it “capable of anything."

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Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C, Carbon CC & Aluminum More Info
  • Wheel size: 27.5"
  • Front travel: 160mm
  • Rear travel: 150mm
  • Designed for: Trail & All Mtn

Up Close

Geometry & Sizing

Rollover table below to highlight frame dimensions.


CHead Tube Angle65.4°65.4°65.4°65.4°65.4°65.4°
DSeat Tube Length370mm14.57"380mm14.96"405mm15.94"
EFront Center703mm27.68"737mm29.02"761mm29.96"
FBB Height344mm13.54"344mm13.54"344mm13.54"
GBB Drop10mm0.39"10mm0.39"10mm0.39"
IChainstay Length430mm16.93"430mm16.93"430mm16.93"
JHead Tube Length100mm3.94"110mm4.33"120mm4.72"
KTop Tube Length541mm21.3"574mm22.6"598mm23.54"
LSeat Tube Angle75.3°75.3°75.3°75.3°75.3°75.3°
MStandover Height694mm27.32"704mm27.72"721mm28.39"
NEye to Eye Length210mm8.27"210mm8.27"210mm8.27"
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Frame Sizing

4'8"142 — 5'1"155cm
5'1"155 — 5'5"165cm
5'5"165 — 5'9"175cm

Tech Support

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike?

Yes, this bike is equipped with ISCG-05 tabs for easy chainguide mounting. Most chainguides on the market that are made for this standard should work.

Can I put a front derailleur on?

No, this bike is not compatible with front derailleurs.  

I want to put the shock from my old bike on there, can I do that?

We always recommend the stock shock, as we've spent a lot of time tuning for each particular frame. But if you must, these are the specifics you need to keep in mind:
210x55 Metric shock
30x8mm rear hardware (bearing compatible) 20x8 front hardware
Note- Fox Float X2 and Cane Creek Double Barrel Air will not fit in the Bronson/Roubion 

Is this bike coil shock compatible?

A coil shock will fit in the Roubion, but we recommend an air shock. While progressive, the suspension is biased more towards air shocks and not quite progressive enough to work well with a coil in our opinion.  

The geometry chart shows two settings- how do I adjust that?

There's a "flip chip" on the link where the shock mounts. Just remove the lower shock bolt and flip the chips to the setting you desire

What kind of rear brake mount does it use?

This bike uses a 180mm post mount. You cannot run a smaller rotor than that. If using 180mm rotor, your caliper will bolt straight to the mount. For 200 or 203 rotors you will need a 20mm or 23mm Post Mount adapter

What size seatpost does the this bike use?

31.6mm. We spec/recommend the Reverb without the Connectamajig to maximize the amount of seatpost insertion available.

What's the difference between the "Plus" version and the "regular" version?

The Roubion will fit up to 27.5x2.8" tires, but we sell it in two configurations:
"Normal" configuration comes with 2.4" rear and 2.5" front tires on 30mm rims. This setup will offer the most precise handling, and is your best bet if you see yourself wanting to use heavier duty tires (Double Down, DH casing, etc).
"Plus" configuration comes with 2.6" tires front and rear, on 35-37mm rims (depending on kit). These tires offer a good combination of grip/cushion without giving up too much in the way of support and precision. The rims will also work excellently with 2.8" tires if you're after the true rock-crawling Plus experience.  

Won't my BB be too high if I put 2.8" tires on my bike?

Thanks to the flip-chip on the link, you can adjust the bb height to account for the different tire diameters. You can achieve the same bb height with the plus configuration as you do with the standard one.